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Snapbacks, bucket hats, baseball caps. Whether you're protecting from the rays or topping off the perfect outfit. We have a new hat for everyday.

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Patterned Snap Back Hat-ACCESSORIES / HATS-Long Ma Lae (THA)-Black Brim / Maroon Horus-The Outpost NZ
Snap Back Hat Pattern
  • From $34.00
Raumati Hat - The Outpost NZ
Raumati Hat
  • $39.00
Hemp Patchwork Fringe Hat - The Outpost NZ
Hemp Patchwork Fringe Hat
  • From $29.00
Colour Cap-ACCESSORIES / HATS-Long Ma Lae (THA)-Brown-The Outpost NZ
Colour Cap
  • $39.00
The Colourful Shelby Hat - The Outpost NZ
The Colourful Shelby Hat
  • $39.00
Paint Colour Cap Patterned
  • $39.00
Clara Crochet Hemp and Cotton Hat - The Outpost NZ
Clara Crochet Hemp Cotton Hat
  • $29.00
Pattern Safari Hat - The Outpost NZ
Pattern Safari Hat
  • From $43.00
Peak Hemp Cap - The Outpost NZ
Peak Hemp Cap
  • $49.00

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Pixie Hemp Hat
  • $39.00