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Our Values

Ethical Traders

We are passionate about cultivating the highest positive energy for every being involved in making, supplying and receiving our products. When you shop with us you can be sure to be authentically bringing a positive impact to families across the world. 


Good things take time. Something we often forget in the modern world. All of our clothing and jewellery is hand-made by Artisans around the world. We focus on ethically sourced and eco-friendly materials and practices to continually make progress for the planet and for ourselves


We are intimately involved with our products and travel the globe finding and working with talented crafters and artisans to develop and make unique eco friendly products from as far as Nepal, India, Thailand, Mongolia, South Africa and of course our homeland New Zealand  

Off the beaten path just got a lot closer.

Every piece hand-made. Connect with some of the best artisans around the world and experience our unique jewellery selection.

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