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Manuka Honey Handcreme - Mango & Papaya 90g

$22.50 NZD

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Scrummy, yummy and delicious.  Our addictive tropical fragrance and fantastic natural formula will have you crying out for more.  This is a nourishing handcrème that is quickly absorbed leaving your hands and cuticles nourished and protected.  A great selection of botanical extracts, oils and butters to maintain optimal moisture levels at the skins surface.

Key Benefits

  • Smooth, rapidly absorbed hand crème 
  • Nourishes and protects hands and cuticles
  • Natural anti-aging, anti-oxidant and restorative plant oils 
  • Manuka honey to soothe and hydrate dry skin

Mango Butter
Mango butter is extracted from the hard pit of the mango fruit. Mango Butter is highly emollient, softening and soothing to the skin. Mango butter contains high levels of oleic acid and stearic acid, anti-oxidant Vitamin C and also contains phytosterols & triterpenes which give mild sun protection properties. Mango butter provides a protective barrier which helps heal and protect the skin and is useful in helping soothe insect bites, rashes, dry skin complaints and sun burn.

Shea Butter
Sourced from the nut of the native African tree, shea nut butter is a natural triglyceride that contains large percentages of the fatty acids Oleic acid and Stearic acid. Additional compounds found in shea nut butter provide anti-aging benefits and offer some natural sun protection. It is also rich in vitamins A & E and offers exceptional moisturising and protective properties along with anti-inflammatory benefits. It penetrates the skin easily and results in a softer, plumper texture. Great for dry and sensitive skin types.