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Manuka Honey Rich Natural Body Butter - Pomegranate 200g

$29.00 NZD

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This petrolatum free body butter contains lots and lots of active manuka honey and plant based oils and butters – very hydrating. Perfect for getting on top of large areas of dry skin and ensuring 24 hour hydration.

Absolutely packed with botanical ingredients and Manuka honey to deeply hydrate & soothe dry skin, and to attract moisture to the skins surface.  The use of natural plant butters creates a barrier that helps to seal moisture in.  This combination of ingredients helps to protect and nourish as well as prevent moisture loss.  This creamy body butter is perfect for combating large areas of dry skin, delivers superior moisturisation and leaves skin feeling soothed and comfortable.

Key Benefits

  • Ultra-rich body butter contains large volumes of natural plant oils & Manuka honey to provide long lasting hydration
  • Formulated to maximise skin health and texture
  • Non greasy formulation - great for feeding large areas of dry skin
  • Relieve discomfort caused by tight, dry skin

Vegetable Glycerin
Vegetable glycerin is a compound that comes from vegetable oil. It has strong humectant properties, meaning it is able to retain moisture.  Because it is natural and soluble in water, it has a valuable role to play in skin care products. There are many benefits to vegetable glycerin.  It has excellent moisturizing properties which aid in keeping skin looking young and healthy - retaining moisture is vital for keeping skin in its best condition.  Vegetable glycerin is hypoallergenic and antibacterial, and will not inflame or irritate problem skins making it ideal for use in moisturisers.

Macadamia Nut Oil
Macadamia nut oil has a high content of palmitoleic acid.  This acid is naturally present in the sebum of young individuals but tends to decrease with aging.  Macadamia Nut oil is therefore very useful in combating dry or mature skins.  The oil is absorbed easily by the skin and is therefore a great skin softener and moisturiser.  It also contains high levels of anti-oxidant Vitamin E.