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Manuka Natural Rich Day Creme 90g

$38.50 NZD

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Designed to deliver superior moisture to dry and mature skin leaving it optimally hydrated. This anti-aging formula contains anti-oxidant Vitamin A and Vitamin E, active 16+ Manuka honey, rich nourishing plant oils and hyaluronic acid. All combine to create skin that is more nourished, smoother and looks more youthful. Helps protect naturally against premature aging. Suitable for use both day and night.


Key Benefits


  • Anti-aging Vitamins A & Eto support skin health and help prevent premature aging.
  • Hyaluronic acid & vegetable glycerin help restore, enhance and retain skins moisture barrier.
  • Shea butter helps seal in moisture and prevents dryness.
  • Helps restore elasticity and softness to reveal healthy more comfortable skin.
  • Ideal for dry, mature or weather damaged skin – provides instant hydration

Hyaluronic Acid
Hyaluronic Acid occurs naturally and is known for its ability to retain water. In our skin, hyaluronic acid can be found in the epidermis, where it assists with water retention to help keep skin supple. Unfortunately it decreases in volume as we age. In skin care, hyaluronic acid helps to attract and hold moisture to the skin. Hyaluronic acid has the ability to fight skin inflammation and irritation and to help minimise acne scars. Its moisture retaining properties make it a great anti-aging ingredient.

Shea Butter
Sourced from the nut of the native African tree, shea nut butter is a natural triglyceride that contains large percentages of the fatty acids Oleic acid and Stearic acid. Additional compounds found in shea nut butter provide anti-aging benefits and offer some natural sun protection. It is also rich in vitamins A & E and offers exceptional moisturising and protective properties along with anti-inflammatory benefits. It penetrates the skin easily and results in a softer, plumper texture. Great for dry and sensitive skin types.